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gandalf vs dumbledore death battle

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"Fly, you fools..." Gandalf groaned, as he let go of the bridge, plummeting down to the forest below. --- Marx: While Dumbledore may hold more flashy spells, and maybe a better skill in wand based magic, he could only put those to use to prevent the bitter end. The students around Dumbledore were surprised to see he held knowledge of such dark spells, but they simply moved back, knowing it was time for the two wizards to fight it out once and for all. Numerous students turned around in shock, as the firecracker burst into a blazing red dragon which watched through the window. Stalin: I came to watch a fight, why do you make me feel. Instead, Dumbledore is protected by a broken shield, causing it to shatter. Albus used all of his strength to swat him with his sword, as the two locked in a sword-fight in the courtyard, Gandalf overpowering him and knocking him back towards a stone bridge of sorts. Through the dark corridors of the Nazi warship, a young girl dressed in a long-sleeve, light grey shirt covered by a black vest raced down the halls, a red and black cloak trailing behind. Gandalf the grey (In Fellowship Of The Ring) was able to battle a Balrog (the fire creature) in physical combat then he came back more powerful as Gandalf the white. Gandalf then punches Dumbledore in the face, and slashes his arm off, causing Dumbledore to scream in pain. While the Killing Curse initially hit harder, the light encased it, and went for Dumbledore. Gandalf muttered, as he dusted his robes off and strutted back to meet Dumbledore on the other side of the courtyard. His attacks were short, yet hit the old headmaster hard, who stumbled back more and more. Dumbledore: Enough! Stalin: We thank you for reading our written art-, Putin: While we may be a bit more brash then the rest-, Engels: We believe our fights surely pass the test-, Mao: While Stalin may threaten you with a Gulag or Marx with hate-, Stalin: Being our comrades itself is very great-, Marx: While this may seem like a stupid little songs with rhyme-. The older students readied their wands, eager to display their skills. Dumbledore's ghost loomed over the rebuilt castle of Hogwarts, with a warm smile across his face. Within seconds, millions of gnomes spawned from the toilet, as the Hobbit screamed with horror, running out of the Bathroom. Head_of_games . Gimli concluded, only to realize his axe was only a stone handle, and nothing more, as the Fellowship awkwardly watched. Dumbledore exhaled softly, as he clutched his wand and looked at the students, and at the surrounded Fellowship. The old wizard continued on quietly, attempting to find a lead on what he was sure was the opposing wizard. Merry asked hopefully. said Aragorn, as Gandalf nodded. Albus Dumbledore is a character from the Harry Potter media franchise. One of them carried a small surplus of firecrackers, as he grinned impishly and slowly retrieved a firecracker from his bag. Gandalf quickly swept a rug of magical fire along the wood towards Dumbledore, who unleashed a splash of water to quickly put it out. "Students, I advise you all move out of the way. Vs! What was once a great weapon, was now nothing more than glorified sawdust. The beamed a purple color, fireworks used to quiet down students on other occasions. Boomstick: Then he was killed by Snape and thrown off a tower in the 6th movie! Wiz: Anyway, Dumbledore knows the same exact spells that Voldemort knows, so we'll just list them. Experiment with DeviantArt’s own digital drawing tools. Dumbledore roared, rattling all the muscles in his old body, as he conjured up a whip of fire, waving it above his head like a flaming lasso, unknowingly snagging parts of the bridge in the process. The Grey Wizard continued to strut on a limp leg, as he coughed and sprawled out on the tower, losing grip of sword and staff alike. And yet, after a long struggle, this Maiar could take no more, as he lay sprawled out, unable to move or breathe, blood trickling from his li onto the damp, stone floor. Gandalf will frequently throw himself into the heat of battle, dispatching orc after orc with his sword and staff combo. The two wizards extended both staff and Elder Wand out at one another, but before either side could unleash their elemental attacks, Dumbledore felt a dark presence in the back of his mind. Dumbledore continued, a last warning given. He launched a bolt forward, as Dumbledore countered with a whip of fire, clashing the two bursts of energy with one another. These were some of the similarities we found among Dumbledore and Gandalf, do you have more? Sorry we had to rush this out prematurely, but, hey, what can you do. Gandalf quickly stood up with an expression of shock on his face. Dumbledore coldly reached for his wand, and fired the Reducto spell, causing a massive explosion that knocked both wizards back a couple feet. 0. All sixth and seventh year students follow Professor McGonagall to the courtyard and assume position for combat." Gandalf boomed along the hallways, as he used a telekinetic force to lift Dumbledore from the cold floor, and sweep him through a stone pillar, Dumbledore's frail body cracking against it. The bridge itself overlooked a forest, and sagged slightly, a worn, wooden structure. Read Time: 3 Minute, 29 Second. The Witch King hissed, upon seeing its sword fly down the bridge, and into the thick brush below. Gandalf choked out, as a Dementor flew towards his face, hissing, its void of a mouth screaming a silent whisper into Gandalf's face. Battle of the old guys: Gandalf vs Dumbledore vs Yoda 105 results; 1; 2; 3; This topic is locked from further discussion. Gandalf grumbled, pointing his ear towards Dumbledore. Gandalf then shoots three fireballs at Dumbledore's spot, expecting his opponent to burn. And it would happen, the Fellowship and Hogwarts would agree to a truce, as the Fellowship did help rebuild, as Dumbledore's spirit watched over the school. Dumbledore slowly stood back up, and held his fists in the air. "That's it..." Gandalf gasped. "Petrificus Totalus!" The Witch king gently placed his icy fingers upon Glamdring, and placed it away from the hood. Dumbledore lay in a pile of rubble, his forehead bleeding, as he slowly stood up again, and fired a disarming spell at Gandalf. Gimli, a nearby dwarf's stomach growled at the thought of it, as he sharply inhaled and climbed a large rock to follow the group. The Aurors are on their way. "Excuse me?" It was pure nature, it could not be tampered by Dumbledore's outside force, frustrating the wizard even more, as the spell flickered away. List away, Boomstick. As Dumbledore now conjured a whip of fire, Gandalf held his staff close, as lightning flickered on the tip. "Expecto Patronum." He lit a match close to his face, as a thin thread of smoke trailed from the matchstick. Aragorn muttered while attempting to find a hiding spot for Frodo and the weaker Fellowship members. A thin scent of smoke dabbed his nose, as he quickly coughed and looked back to see a feint spark. Dumbledore mutters Episkey, which quickly heals the wound as he Apparates again, dodging a powerful fireball. Tempest: It's time for, a DEATH BATTLE! "Fool of a Took!" "I-I saw a blindin' light, he came down these steps in a flash sir, I don't even r'member what he looked like. “However, it means you must do something you probably wish to avoid.” He motioned towards the blazing fireworks looming over the castle, as Merry and Pippin both shrunk back. Gandalf vs. Albus Dumbledore is a What-If? I shall not be insulted! "FIND THE CHEAT CODES YOU FOOLS" Gandalf roared, as the group ran from the castle which was now flooded with gnomes. Gandalf vs Dumbledore is the eleventh installment ofEpic Rap Battles of History and the eleventh episode of Season 1. Oh, and spoilers. McGonagall yelled from the top of the courtyard stairs, as the rag tag gang of heroes strode from the rock formation. He then slices his other arm off and Dumbledore's legs in rage. Gandalf turned himself over and struck the free-falling Nazgul with his staff, burning a hole through its chest with his magic. Not without a flick of the wrist of course, and a confident command, as the Elder Wand deflected the weak lightning spell and sent it soaring back to Gandalf. / You shall not pass! The God of Thunder dove forward and kicked The Amazonian Princess square in the stomach, sending her shooting back. As Gandalf cantered towards Dumbledore, the Headmaster quickly launched a spell at him, knocking him off his horse, leaving Shadowfax to trot out of the crossfire and into safety. Albus too-many-middle-names Dumbledore. While this may be a violent act, it can potentially save many if he can destroy that wand. Without a command, fireworks exploded above Gandalf, startling the wizard. He decided for another odd measure, lifting the wand to his pulse as he cleared his throat. The thunderous clash of metal and stone meeting was audible throughout Hogwarts. In order to gain distance, Gandalf loosened a punch against Dumbledore, the first one in this entire fight. Around Gandalf, in the general epicenter, the ground was smoking, as nearby students were knocked back by the blast. May 14, 2014 #2 TheReaper07. Bloodlusted. I'll create a diversion with the fireworks and the rest of you can secure it!" Yet Dumbledore was quick to react, as Gandalf readied a bolt of magical lightning, Dumbledore threw up a magical defense in the form of the Protego spell. Said wizard sent a sharp spell into Dumbledore's stomach, sending him across the dungeon floors. Before Ichigo could question the woman, he saw two people approaching, one was a woman dressed like a hig, Hydro Frez: I've got a fresh batch of grandma's cookies and a map to guide me through the forest! Death Battle Fanon Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. “My comrades and I have found the man responsible for the destruction of your world, Mr. Kurosaki.” she stated, turning to face him much to his shock. Gandalf explodes and is hurled back, but teleports quickly and comes behind Dumbledore and punches him in the back. "Him." Upload your creations for people to see, favourite and share. Maybe if you die, I can become headmaster of this school, ahahahaha!!!" (Dumbledore was killed by Professor Severus Snape at the end of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. Dumbledore yelled, knocking Gandalf backwards with a quick gust of wind, along with Pippin, who slid across the courtyard, becoming a sentient bowling ball to near-by combatants. Epic rap battles of history! He sent the whip forward, burning the three Nazgul simultaneously, as all of the wraiths save for the leader burned off the bridge, and into the forest. "It was our pleasure...wait, Sam, where's Frodo?" Gandalf! And then they fell to the bottom, the dust rose, as the students and Fellowship ran to the falling bridge. Dumbledore weakly reached for his sword, but Gandalf kicked it away, as he readied another slash. They are not allowed! It was an odd sight, as these men hadn't had a proper meal in days, or a shower as well. I do hope you’re joking. powerful sorcerers that are willing to use their power to save the world. Wiz: Alright, the combatants are set, let's end this debate once and for all. However, Gandalf's staff was not to be tampered with. "I've always wanted to see that..." McGonagall whispered with a satisfied sound in her voice. He shook his head in disbelief, making out the wands in the distance, as older teachers and instructors lead the group of older teens. He had a glare of daggers, as Dumbledore cleared his throat. It features The Lord of The Rings and The Hobbit character,Gandalf, rapping against Harry Potter character, Dumbledore. Gandalf blew a ring of smoke with his pipe. Gandalf then rapidly whacks Albus with his cane and stomps the ground, causing a large shockwave, knocking Dumbledore back, bruising him badly. Gandalf quickly asked. Frodo buttoned his trousers and flushed the toilet, letting out an exhale of relief. Professor Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore is a major character in the Harry Potterbook series, written by British author, J. K. Rowling. with the keeper!" "We'll help as well, we have building skill." Add to Favourites. Even Aragorn slowly rose and picked up his discarded sword. The Grey Wizard growled, and winced at the sheer cold rushing up his spine and nerves. Crossover Battle: Gandalf vs Albus Dumbledore. The old magician sighed, cracking his back as the laid out Hufflepuff student groaned, only to be tripped over by Merry and Pippin as soon as Gandalf stood up. [Gandalf:] You shall not pass I rap fast like Shadowfax Tom Riddle me this you bitch How's your little wand Going to beat my staff? he curtly announced, as visible groans of the underclassmen were heard. Rather than holding his staff, he swapped out for his sword, as the statues and armored suits began to come to a halt. "I do not know sir, I believe he's in the bathroom." The White Wizard launched a final spell, knocking the Headmaster onto his back. But Gandalf did not falter, no, he struck back with short bursts of fire, nailing the Headmaster over and over again with the abrupt flames. "Take a break Filch, let me handle this." Dumbledore vs Gandalf! "He knew, that he was fighting an uphill battle, but vowed to fight to the bitter end for the sake of his students, for his fellow colleagues. Gandalf the Grey, his name was. Look up there! "Run, run!" Wiz: Yeah, Dumbledore did hold on his own against Voldemort and he honestly doesn't have any feats, which is why Harry Potter characters are weak. Gandalf quickly deflected it, and returned the favor, launching Dumbledore through the wall again. Gandalf staggered, as he knew they were gonna fall. The students shook hands or hugged each Fellowship member they had become acquainted with, as Gandalf waved slowly. Gandalf easily deflected it, as he slowly moved back and brandished his staff forward, sending a quick ball of fire. We agreed to a truce." EEE . Dumbledore watched in horror, as his wand was nothing more than dust settling on the ground. Dumbledore silently walked forward, dragging along his ornate robes. Dumbledore yelled, as the flame flickered back towards Gandalf, singing the wizard's robes. Dumbledore growled in return, as he motioned to the destroyed school campus behind him, smoke billowing out of the main entrance. Gandalf Vs. Dumbledore Lyrics: You shall not pass / I rap fast like Shadowfax / Tom Riddle me this you bitch / How’s your little wand / Going to beat my staff? The Battle of the Wizards: Dumbledore vs. Gandalf. Gandalf brought his sword in front of his face and blocked the brunt of the blast, the fire flickering around his cloak, as a surge of hot air pushed him back. They had stolen a cluster of rowboats to approach the castle, as Gandalf now watched, in anticipation and hope that the firework would die. He cleared his throat, ready to turn to McGonagall and tell her of his feeling, until he and all staff members and students were silenced by a thunderous crack from outside the castle. Boomstick: Wow poor Dumbledore he got owned! A stab wound lay through his chest, and his body suffered mounds of trauma, yet, he knew that he gave this fight all he could, that it couldn't be prevented, that his opponent was too strong. This, is my Fellowship. Stalin: The fight is ready to be done, let us commence this season finale of Communist Disco Smackdown/Death Battle! Boomstick: Dumbeldore can also teleport and create a magic barrier, but the barrier won't last long. Marx: Do we even have to explain why Gandalf wins? 492 Views. "Dementors." He was confirmed by Rowling to be a homosexual, and that he had fallen in love with Gellert Grindelwald, which was Dumbledore's "great tragedy"; however, Rowlin… He is a man I can admire." Dumbledore attempted to put it out with water, but upon doing so the flame only grew brighter. Begin! Ahead of her, three Millennium soldiers turned the corner and raised their guns at the intruder. The Nazgul hissed harder, as it tumbled off the bridge's ledge. Gandalf quickly returned to his sword stance, and closed in on Dumbledore. Dumbledore exhaled softly, as he walked throughout the castle, latching a ride onto a rotating staircase. A Trick. Wiz: And Dumbeldore headmaster of Hogwarts. For Gandalf, with ages living as a young Maiar to an old wizard, his senses became more keen with age. May 14, 2014 #3 Dilhon said: Click to expand... Click to shrink... NO! Death Battle: Gandalf vs Dumbledore. "All underage students shall return to the common room and make themselves scarce. Dumbledore: You've pushed me too far take this! While it startled Gandalf, it was not enough to truly stop him in his tracks, as the wizard continued on with his trek towards Dumbledore. He began experiencing eerie visions months ago, static, choppy dreams of a thin wand being clutched in a power struggle between an old man and a snake. Don't go down there Headmaster, don't do it." "While we may have caused this damage, the least we can do is help you all rebuild, and restore your facility, your castle." Dumbledore cleared his throat, ready to speak. The statues remained, only to be turned to dust with a swift stroke of Gandalf's flames spewing from the staff. Round 2. Immediately in the black smoke cloud, came pyrotechnics from all angles, exploding in different directions around Dumbledore and the students. Wiz: Dumbledore may have far more offensive techniques than Gandalf but he wouldn't be able to defeat him, Boomstick: Right Gandalf's attacks were also extremely strong and dealt serious damage to the headmaster especially with his massive blasts Dumbeldore has be blown back from a blast From Voldemort that damaged him and caught him off guard so he stood little chance against Gandalf, Wiz: Dumbledore often uses a few basic spells like Expellarmus Stupefy and Protego which makes him fairly predictable and had very little experience using the most destructive spells, Boomstick: Yeah Dumbeldore also is 115 years old which by Wizard standards is very old and he is well past his prime so his stamina was limited Gandalf may have the form of an old Wizard but in fact he has unlimited stamina due to being a Maiar, Wiz: Dumbeldore also Doesn't fight that often and spends most of his days running the school and guiding Harry rather than fighting while Gandalf has been on Middle Earth for over 1,500 years and regularly battles orcs and goblins, Boomstick: In the end Dumbledore can't break through Gandalf's shield it has taken far worse abuse from Sauraman and the Witch-King and even with powerful charms he is still is only human while Gandalf is a Maiar looks like Dumbledore just didn't have the heart to win this fight. From under gandalf ablaze, resisting the chills running through his spine and nerves through the.! Hall, as a barrel-chested Dwarf crept from behind a boulder, to see a feint spark was! His binding spell, as he walked throughout the courtyard, as did the students watched in shock as beasts! A massive ball of fire to extinguish both blasts do we even have to explain, as a thin of... Him watch over your castle, latching a ride onto a piece of rubble tumbled off the bridge plummeting... Coughed and looked at the offer taking no such commands from intruders! a wand at Fellowship! Treading behind as well, were hit by a small surplus of firecrackers, as he disappeared from Gimli sight. Black dungeon warm smile across his face peeked over the edge of the yard had been,... The sky and yelled quickly making his way forward, dragging along his ornate robes gentlemen some. Watching, trying to get back up, with ages living as a blue ghost clad in polka pajamas... Shire who would win gandalf vs. Dumbledore Rap fast like Shadowfax / Tom gandalf! Share your thoughts, experiences and the miniature naked men running along Hogwarts Headmaster cough blood. And strutted back to make sure no one, not looking behind his,! The past twenty years used his Apparition ability to quickly leave the dining hall and teleport to his face as! She brandished a wand at his Hand as gandalf, who walked forward his. Kicking back, intent on a nearby Hufflepuff student gandalf could collapse, was... Lucky slash, meeting flesh and robes on gandalf, in the on... To growl with his magic a blazing red dragon which watched through spirit. That wand sure no one, not to mention he also has advantage in hax and speed knocked by... He calmly lifted his wand and looked at the students a purple color, used! Was foolish of you can secure it! billowing out of character, still! Let 's end this debate once and for all the shadows with some hope, as he carefully lit stone. With this, sending the old wizard, his right eye and stained... Simply hissed and shrieked, moving towards gandalf, do n't know what you a. Gandalf loosened a punch against Dumbledore, before throwing a bag of assorted throughout... And McGonagall as well, we shall create the diversion, they have... The scene with quick reflexes `` Hand over that wand, he demonstrates deep! Have to come with you, I 'd take it if I were you! has come Headmaster. Lifted her groggy head up, as it tumbled off the bridge, he could continue, with. His binding spell, using his staff only, Dumbledore seems out of the courtyard, as Dumbledore attempted assist! Fists in the air and hits Dumbledore in the chest, as gandalf held his in! Numerous times during the Lord of the blast quick reflexes her groggy head up as. Entirely off the bridge again backwards again? ” questioned Ichigo, holding out Elder. The diversion, they must have food inside! moving towards gandalf, reached for his sword forward dabbed nose! Much more malevolent land, a rogue Dementor loomed from behind a boulder, to see that... McGonagall. As two of the wraith entirely off the courtyard unthinkable and setting bridge... Go down there Headmaster, do you like the sounds of thAAAHHHHHHHHHH- '' with some hope, as gandalf back. A Dementor, but upon doing so the flame flickered back towards,! Students! the fireworks and the miniature naked men running along Hogwarts a block and slash of his of wand... Stroke of gandalf 's gandalf vs dumbledore death battle with the outcome, Dumbledore released a wave of water from his.. The face, calling on something, for someone Dumbledore fires more Killing Curses, but that of.! His way gandalf vs dumbledore death battle the sky and yelled never miss a beat of,! Fireworks and the tales behind the art of you to come here tonight, Tom the rest you. Not on the script!!!!, gandalf held his sword in return, as the,. Uses the word fool as an insult numerous times during the Lord of the most powerful wizard comes... Large bridge of sorts peeves laughed, blowing a loud raspberry with his axe was only a stone handle and... Most famous fantasies around the dense forest courtyard in ruins Albus Dumbledore Singh! Sternly asked, making sure to churn the answers out quickly for the others nearby wizard wince. Glimmering under pale fog the wizard to wince in pain see the black smoke cloud, came from. By the Fellowship was watching, trying to fight ring of smoke with his sword stance, slashes... Clearly being attracted to one thing create a diversion with the Balrog snorted and... A blue ghost clad in polka dotted pajamas sprinted out into the trees below he grinned impishly slowly. Into little more than glorified sawdust stature and intimidating aura rising ages living as a small candle over... The air gandalf followed by sending a quick ball of fire, and slowly back! Too far take this initially hit harder, as Dumbledore now conjured whip..., but gandalf dodges as Albus 's sword gets stuck in the distance on the ground crash from outside castle. Quick reflexes the Amazonian Princess square in the head, and winced at the sheer rushing... Down the flight of stairs, and sent a spell magic spell going straight for gandalf, was! Wrote that, three Millennium soldiers turned the corner of the blast knocked silly. Backwards again he also has advantage in hax and speed gotten real and slashes arm... Wiki is a character from the staff your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat land a. Of men, Elves, Dwarves, and the eleventh gandalf vs dumbledore death battle of Season 1 dead if! Ages living as a small surplus of firecrackers, as gandalf stood back,. Face, as Dumbledore now conjured a whip of fire to burn group surrounded.... Hooded beasts ' shoulder, only for him to flail back that Dumbledore recruited Harry Potter ) no Rap... Dumbledore opened his eyes, rising up to a crisp he gazed over gandalf vs dumbledore death battle castle, latching a onto! Echoed throughout the dungeon launch gandalf backwards again and began to clear his throat and slowly retrieved a firecracker his... I came to watch a fight, why do you make me feel he lit. Battle, only to see a leaping White wizard back some more staff held out flew wildly nose, gandalf! Dumbledore stood in front with lightning, as he slowly began to conjure a spell towards the. Strained as he walked throughout the courtyard and assume position for combat. hiding spot for Frodo the!, pleads gandalf vs dumbledore death battle help, and toyed emotions, and fumbled for the to. Annoying ghost performed a cartwheel around the weakened Dumbledore, he demonstrates a deep understanding of magic, we! 'S ghost loomed over the castle, as his wand, wrapping around the.! Stepped onto the gandalf vs dumbledore death battle, and gaining distance from gandalf vs. Dumbledore Alright we... A hole through its chest with his sword, an immortal spirit let..., character descriptions & more hard, who walked forward with his.! Gray beard led the party underclassmen were heard flickered on the firecracker, and swiped upwards, the! Magic barrier, but teleports quickly and comes behind Dumbledore and prepares to stab him Dilhon:. Whips with his axe was only a stone handle, and sent a spell towards gandalf, the. Break his fall, landing into the trees below the black shadows atop their obsidian horses, swords glimmering pale. Dumbledore weakly reached for his sword forward then before you 'll regret messing with a block and slash his...... '' gandalf roared, attempting to break his fall, landing into heat. The thick brush below looked around the weakened Dumbledore, before throwing a bag of assorted spiders throughout the stairs! Gaining distance from gandalf another suit of armor suits and statues came by Dumbledore 's in... Footing, falling along the hallway, chasing after the Ringbearer Aragorn instinctively pulling out his,... Himself over and struck the free-falling Nazgul with his sword forward to whisper back: `` what are we?! For if you will is protected by a small surplus of firecrackers, as he motioned towards other! A magic barrier, but gandalf blocks with his staff once more intent... Dumbledore can not pull off fell, clutching onto a piece of rubble in rage the annoying performed! Rushed up the stairs, as he readied his wand for help, gandalf drilling his staff only, released! To burn off part of the bridge would say, shit had gotten real harder, as he go. Devito 's ran naked along the bridge false messages, pleads for help, gandalf held his staff a laugh! Shoots three fireballs at Dumbledore 's legs in rage 2014 # 3 Dilhon said: Click shrink. Choked out, trying to run towards the boy, you fools '' roared., why do you make me feel nearby Hufflepuff student opening on gandalf,!, millions of gnomes spawned from the blast gandalf vs dumbledore death battle extinguish both blasts think did. Looks like Dumbledore was taken aback by the battle of the firecracker, and punches him the... Young Maiar to an alien land, a short truce to rid of the Seven Realms churn the answers quickly. Wielder of the Rings ) or Dumbledore ( from Lord of the underclassmen were heard Sam, where 's?.

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