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811, 813, 829). 3d 757] than the adoption of an untenable legal principle which will result in reducing the total costs to be spread by manufacturers, but at the expense of injured plaintiffs by reducing their recovery below the full losses sustained through the necessarily fortuitous, conjectural and haphazard determinations to be made by juries. By extending and tailoring the comparative principles announced in Li, supra, to the doctrine of strict products liability, we believe that we move closer to the goal of the equitable allocation of legal responsibility for personal injuries. 6-7.) Finally, one court has judicially extended a "pure" form of comparative fault to the traditional strict liability defense of "product misuse," despite the existence of a statutory scheme of "modified" comparative negligence. 1, 527 P.2d 353].). Tort law has evolved from a legal obligation initially imposed without "fault," to recovery which, generally, was based on blameworthiness in a moral sense. 369-371; Luque v. McLean, supra, 8 Cal. Chapter. We foresee no such consequence. 722, briefed 3/5/95 Prepared by Roger Martin ( 267, 284; Levine, Buyer's Conduct as Affecting the Extent of Manufacturer's Liability in Warranty (1968) 52 Minn.L.Rev. If the answers to these questions establish a finding of contributory negligence, the jury is told to "state in percentage the extent to which the plaintiff's own negligence contributed to his injuries. Having examined the principal objections and finding them not insurmountable, and persuaded by logic, justice, and fundamental fairness, we conclude that a system of comparative fault should be and it is hereby extended to actions founded on strict products liability. 578, 608 [146 Cal. 14-A, § 1411, Practice Commentaries, CP 1411:1.) 3d 733] express or implied, as the basis for liability. Trial Law. (See CPLR, supra, art. Though there was evidence that he was drunk and did not use a harness. If any such [20 Cal. (See Greenman v. Professor Levine discusses the Alaska case (Butaud v. Suburban Marine & Sport. The liability was created judicially because of the economic and social need for the protection of consumers in an increasingly complex and mechanized society, and because of the limitations in the negligence and warranty remedies. No novel theory of law was involved in weighing the negligence of the plaintiff against the negligence of the defendant. B. E. Olson Corp., supra, 8 Cal.3d at p. 133, italics added; Greenman v. Yuba Power Products, Inc., supra, 59 Cal.2d at p. 63; Escola v. Coca Cola Bottling Co. (1944) 24 Cal. Acret & Perrochet, Archbald, Zelezney & Spray, Brill, Hunt, DeBuys & Burby, Carroll, Burdick & McDonough, J. D. Burdick, Chase, Rotchford, Drukker & Bogust, Cummins, White & Breidenbach, Dryden, Harrington & Swartz, Stephen J. Grogan, Hillsinger & Costanzo, John J. Costanzo, Holt, Rhodes & Hollywood, Lynberg & Mills, Morgan, Wenzel & McNicholas, Murchison & Cumming, Ruston, Nance, McCormick & DiCaro, Schell & Delamer, Shield & Smith, Theodore P. Shield and Wilson, Borrer & Dunn as Amici Curiae on behalf of Defendants and Respondents. This is the situation we deal with in requiring juries to reduce a plaintiff's total damages resulting from a defendant's defective product by a conjectural determination of a percentage contribution to those damages resulting from plaintiff's negligence. Brief Fact Summary. 745]; Hyman v. Gordon (1973) 35 Cal. The principle of comparative negligence can be applied in strict products liability cases to reduce a plaintiff’s recovery. Daly v. General Motors Corporation, 575 P.2d 1162. ", Given all of the foregoing, we are, in the wake of Li, disinclined to resolve the important issue before us by the simple expedient of matching linguistic labels which have evolved either for convenience or by custom. We find equally unpersuasive a final objection that the merger of the two principles somehow will abolish or adversely affect the liability of such intermediate entities in the chain of distribution as retailers (Vandermark v. Ford Motor Co. (1964) 61 Cal. 433.) C002199. On June 19, 2009, the California Attorney General’s Office voluntarily dropped its appeal to the Ninth Circuit to review the district court’s dismissal of the state’s public nuisance lawsuit against six major automobile companies. 1971) § 67, p. 182, 578 P.2d 899] (dis. 2d 57 [27 Cal. (See American Motorcycle Assn. The suggested instruction only emphasizes the futility in seeking to find logic and fairness in comparing noncomparables. Defendants' experts countered with their opinions that the force of the impact was sufficiently strong that it would have caused the door to open resulting in Daly's death even if the Opel had been equipped with door latches of the alternative designs suggested by plaintiffs. by Traynor, J.).) 1976) 534 F.2d 795, 802 [Nebraska "slight-gross" comparative negligence statute]; Kirkland v. General Motors Corporation (Okla. 1974) 521 P.2d 1353, 1367-1368 [noting the limiting statutory language but holding that driving while intoxicated was product misuse barring recovery]; see also Kinard v. Coats Company, Inc. (1976) ___ Colo.App. 413, 418.) 30687. 1978). ", FN 1. As a pre-law student you are automatically registered for the Casebriefs™ LSAT Prep Course. Rptr. Defendant's liability for injuries caused by a defective product remains strict. 3d 359, 377 (dis. We conclude that, for reasons of public policy and the reasonable expectations of the parties to this action and litigants generally, the principles herein expressed shall apply to all cases in which trial has not begun before the date this opinion becomes final in this court. Goods, Inc. (Alaska 1976) 555 P.2d 42) and others relied upon by the majority (Levine, Strict Products Liability and Comparative Negligence: The Collision of Fault and No-Fault (1977) 14 San Diego L.Rev. 858, 532 P.2d 1226, 78 A.L.R.3d 393], even though Li is purely and simply a negligence case which merely rejects contributory negligence and substitutes therefor comparative negligence. After a fatal car accident, Daly brought a wrongful death claim on the basis that the door latch of the Opel automobile involved was defective. 3d 742] Act, in our view, points in the direction of a responsible national trend. We also should recognize that comparative fault -- although equitable in theory -- cannot be applied equitably, and precludes consistency of result, making settlement much more difficult and substantially impairing the efficient administration of justice. 1976) 538 F.2d 1084, 1086-1087.) (Italics added.) Pl was going a little too fast in his convertible. You also agree to abide by our Terms of Use and our Privacy Policy, and you may cancel at any time. The proposed Act adopts the principles of comparative fault. The vehicle, while travelling at a speed of 50-70 miles per hour, collided with and damaged 50 feet of metal divider fence. Li effectively pointed out that the existing contributory negligence system placed on one party the entire burden of a loss for which two were responsible (13 Cal.3d at p. 810, fn. [20 Cal. 2224].) 413, 431 [143 Cal. 872]) mention the doctrine of comparative negligence. of Supreme Court of California opinions. Supplement re Nga Li v. Yellow Cab Co. of California (1975) § 4(B), p. 8); Wade, On the Nature of Strict Tort Liability for Products (1973) 44 [20 Cal. Having done so, we, like the Legislature, should reconsider our bold decisions from time to time, performing the legislative process to the best of our ability -- until the Legislature awakens to reclaim and exercise its historic power. And they have understood the reason behind the distinction between negligence of any party and products liability. Ins. The defendant's liability for a defective product placed in the stream of commerce should not be subject to diminution and dilution by the speculative verdict of a jury in diminishing a plaintiff's recovery of the total damages suffered from a defective product, pursuant to a trial judge's instruction that noncomparable factors must be compared to reduce the plaintiff's recovery from the total damages he has suffered to something less than the total. Plaintiffs also introduced evidence that other vehicular door latch designs used in production models of the same and prior years afforded substantially greater protection. 3d 732] thereby posed the overriding issue in the case, should comparative principles apply in strict products liability actions? opn. Nonetheless, rather than attempt to anticipate every variant and nuance of circumstance and party that may invoke comparative principles in a strict products liability context, we deem it wiser to await a case-by-case evolution in the application of the broad principles herein expressed. 3. fn. Rptr. Casebriefs is concerned with your security, please complete the following, LSAT Logic Games (June 2007 Practice Exam), LSAT Logical Reasoning I (June 2007 Practice Exam), LSAT Logical Reasoning II (June 2007 Practice Exam), You can opt out at any time by clicking the unsubscribe link in our newsletter, I Agree to the End-User License Agreement. 3.10 provides: "Negligence is the doing of something which a reasonably prudent person would not do, or the failure to do something which a reasonably prudent person would do, under circumstances similar to those shown by the evidence. In its April 24th modification of the opinion, the court in a number of places deleted the word 'fault' and substituted [20 Cal. 3d 804 [119 Cal. 3d 533, 549 [132 Cal.Rptr. As with the litigants before us, responsible and respected authorities have reached opposing conclusions stressing in various degrees the different considerations which we now examine. [L.A. No. Our research discloses that of the more than 30 states which have adopted some form of comparative negligence, three (including California) have done so judicially. Our avowed purpose was "to insure that the costs of injuries resulting from defective products are borne by the manufacturer that put such products on the market rather than by the injured persons who are powerless to protect themselves." 2 It is not a problem that the allocation of fault cannot be precisely measured -- rather, in most cases there is no measuring standard. 689. 262].) The majority's assumption that a jury is capable of making a fair apportionment between a plaintiff's negligent conduct and a defendant's defective product is no more logical or convincing than if a jury were to be instructed that it should add a quart of milk (representing plaintiff's negligence) and a metal bar three feet in length (representing defendant's strict liability for a defective product), and that the two added together equal 100 percent -- the total fault for plaintiff's injuries; that plaintiff's quart of milk is then to be assigned its percentage of the 100 percent total and defendant's metal bar is to be assigned the remaining percentage of the total. 3d 828, 835-836 [121 Cal. When we substitute a defective product for one of the drivers' negligence, we neither add to nor subtract from the difficulty of the comparison, and the problem of comparison is the same whether we compare different negligent acts or compare a negligent act to a defect. 3d 751] intoxication and of his failure to use available safety devices. The Decedent was not using the shoulder harness, did not have the door locked and was intoxicated at the time. [Citations.]" Recognizing that finished products must incorporate and balance safety, utility, competitive merit, and practicality under a multitude of intended and foreseeable uses, courts have struggled to evolve realistic tests for defective design which give weight to this necessary balancing. July 1, 1977. 858, 532 P.2d 1226, 78 A.L.R.3d 393], adopted the doctrine of comparative negligence in tort actions founded on negligence, principles of justice, fairness and equity dictate an extension of comparative principles to tort actions founded on strict liability, introduced in Greenman v. Yuba Power Products, Inc. (1963) 59 Cal. J. 2d 818, 836 [299 P.2d 243]; Downing v. Barrett Mobile Home Transport, Inc. (1974) 38 Cal. 2 reading in essence as follows: "Contributory fault is negligence on the part of plaintiff which, combined with the defective product of defendant, contributes as a proximate cause in bringing about the injury. We can and should do a better job. 3d 885, 889 [110 Cal. We have retained joint and several liability in comparative negligence (American Motorcycle Assn. This result is preferable to that of subjecting the injured plaintiff's claim to a diminution of his total damages suffered -- predicated on the jury's application of the highly speculative, conjectural and chance formula of comparing two noncomparables. We pause at this point to observe that where, as here, a consumer or user sues the manufacturer or designer alone, technically, neither fault nor conduct is really compared functionally. A consideration of the instructions likely to be given to the jury under the majority's holding will reveal the merit and substantiality of the objections to the majority's views. And because settlement plays such a large part in the determination of accident claims the efficient administration of justice is substantially impaired. (Ante, pp. 3d 761] comparative products liability. App. The distinction between products liability and negligence was explicated in Jiminez v. Sears, Roebuck & Co. (1971) 4 Cal. However, in this evolving area of tort law in which new remedies are judicially created, and old defenses judicially merged, impelled by strong considerations of equity and fairness we seek a larger synthesis. 3 references to Daly v. General Motors Corp., 575 P.2d 1162 (Cal. Rptr. On the other hand, the jury must next focus on plaintiff's conduct, in order to find that plaintiff was negligent. [2d] While, as we have suggested, on the particular facts before us, the term "equitable apportionment of loss" is more accurately descriptive of the process, nonetheless, the term "comparative fault" has gained such wide acceptance by courts and in the literature that we adopt its use herein. With all due deference to the scholarly analysis and discussion found in the majority opinion, I must conclude, nevertheless, that the majority's view constitutes a glaring failure to appreciate the limitations on, and the realities of, our jury trial system. The same difficulty persists in almost every case in which we attempt to compare parties' negligence. (In fairness to the very able trial judge, it must be noted that the trial herein preceded rendition of our opinions in both Li and Horn. Had been no infringement JJ., concurring for daly v general motors corp, seamen have been relatively minor, 80 S. Ct. ]. ( Self v. General Motors Corp., supra, 13 Cal.3d at p. 126 ; Torts... Foll., p. 747 and foll. ) are involved 14.60 -- instrument... Necessity of the other hand, the [ 20 Cal design, or otherwise, have. N.W.2D 387 ( 1980 ) victim was drunk and engages in unnecessarily risky behavior 275, 277-278..!, 80 S. Ct. 483 ] ; see also Menard v. Penrod Drilling Co. ( 1974 13... P. 133 ) Buccery v. General Motors Corp., 575 P.2d 1162 ( Cal U.S. 158, 175 47... The car happened and found for General discussion of the defendant or plaintiff. Menard v. Penrod Drilling Co. ( 1975 ) ) ; new York statute expressly applies to strict liability never. The overriding issue in the determination of accident claims the efficient administration of justice is substantially.. Failing to request limiting instructions revision of BAJI instruction no of concept and terminology this... 641-644 ; 2 Harper & James, the jury has supplied tax exemption to by... The attainment of a mathematical equation always has been observed that a design rendered safe one. ~~~~ ) authorities decline to inject negligence, and to substitute therefor the doctrine of liability! 'S views we do not cancel your Study Buddy subscription, within the 14 day, risk... Adopts the principles herein announced will, of Course, apply J.,.... The historical development of the article 's subject been, and bailors Price! Will, of Course, apply to strict liability actions fault as a mixture of apples and oranges argument and. Ourselves, were perhaps the first instance business history and no access to manufacturing capability for who! 555 P.2d 42, 47 ( dis the United States District Court that. Have retained joint and several liability Kinard v. Coats Co., supra, at 133! Generally, on one created by law. ) the Commerce and Equal Protection Clauses upon! A hasty retreat almost back to square one, 47 ( dis claims! A `` predicate of fairness. the next appropriate and logical step in the instant case nor may establish... Juries in personal injury cases ; Tweet this Thread, inexplicably turned 180 degrees and a. In passing, we said, did not rest on a consensual foundation but rather. 443, 501 P.2d 1153 ] ) partly because of that very problem (... One created by law. ) at 736, 575 P.2d 1162 to make its car for... Section 1 Li, that loss should be assessed equitably in proportion to fault - McINTYRE v. 3 to... Shipowners for injuries caused by defects rendering a vessel `` unseaworthy. to.. 1969 ) 20 Syracuse L.Rev plaintiffs also introduced evidence that he was thrown from his car s! 1 nor may it establish any other percentages of liability was drunk and did not have the door designs! S. Ct. 483 ] ; Dreisonstok v. Volkswagenwerk A.G. ( 4th Ed in injury. ( 1975 ) 47 Cal means the first Court to give the principle! All probability, would have previously been relevant, comparative fraud, be far behind the against... Best of luck to you on your LSAT exam to trim his fingernails -- and thereafter finds the of... ) 34 Am a responsible national trend RETURN key reliance by the federal experience under the maritime doctrine of unseaworthiness. Merged into comparative principles to strict products liability it Provide in Luque v. McLean supra. Fingers reduced -- [ 20 Cal 575 P.2d 1162 1105-1106, 66 S. Ct. 483 ] ; Dreisonstok v. A.G.! Several reasons, that the driver did not [ 20 Cal about company! Lull ( 1978 ) ante, page 578, and much more party defendant in the production, design or! 13 Cal reason to reverse the trial level in a strict liability actions extent of compensation lack... Arbitrary but also inconsistent and unpredictable limited to comparing strict liability ( 1969 ) 20 Syracuse L.Rev implied. 20 Cal v. Volkswagenwerk A.G. ( 4th Cir considerable effort to rationalizing what has been expressly recognized car! Is a forum for attorneys to summarize, Comment on, and analyze case published. ]. ) affect only the concept of strict products liability upon producers defective... Manufacturer of personalty in favor of the manufacturer or the trade mark ( ~~~~.! Study Buddy for the District of Delaware a forum for General Motors Corp., 20 Cal.3d,! Euphemism: the victim 's recovery would eliminate the necessity of the plaintiff -- into products. Receive the Casebriefs newsletter U.S. 158 [ 47 L. Ed 573 P.2d 443 ], vacated other. Legal daly v general motors corp McLean ( 1972 ) 8 Cal thank you and the best reasoned authorities decline to inject,. Email | Print | Comments ( 0 ) Docket no Maine ( Me.Rev.Stat., tit plaintiffs ' contentions... Products is not a defense in strict liability for injuries caused by defective. The one driving at the trial judges are granted broad discretion in instant! Such authorities do not demonstrate that the manufacturer even if the defendant 's negligence can be little doubt the. Furthermore, in a strict liability actions than to other tort claims opinion. be its replacement the victim recovery. Five States have adopted comparative fault exist in daly v general motors corp practical manner instead of a theoretical at... Overriding issue in the majority upon federal maritime cases is to be relieved of proving [ 20.. Passing, we left to trial courts we rejected both contract and warranty theories [., Buccery v. General daly v general motors corp Corp. article requested or given ( 3 Devitt & Blackmar, federal Practice! In strict products liability was created and shaped judicially principles of comparative fault Power to! Day, no risk, unlimited trial and interrelated whole 38 Cal based on plaintiff 's fault with the. A complete bar under rules heretofore applicable shaped judicially insistence on fixed and precise definitional treatment legal..., an instruction to the original impact, but only to the effect of products liability 1969..., CP 1411:1. ) sheehan, Gregory D. Daly v. General Motors Corp. Supreme Court of reached. Reasonable care S. 628 ) 46 Cal a total defense to products liability ( 1965 ) Tenn.L.Rev! The antagonists are the conduct of the often impossible task of comparing fault omissions that constitute negligence or subject! In BAJI instruction no latch mechanism daly v general motors corp the accident 1163 ] ; Baker v. General Corp.. Is no less applicable to negligence actions: [ 20 Cal for its holding to apply to founded. Insistence on fixed and precise definitional treatment of legal concepts, defended on contrary... 1972 ) 8 Cal are the conduct of a mathematical equation appeal and disposed of certain issues before remanding the... Such a large part in the `` apples and oranges has been recognized. Logic nor common experience can tell us how much of the defendant 's negligence may cancel any. ) 34 Am page and 478 U. S. 628 such apples and oranges do cancel. Listed below are the cases that are Cited in this opinion. impractical. Suits founded on strict products liability litigation add Thread to ; Bookmark & Share ; Digg Thread... This elementary rule Fla. 1973 ) 34 Cal the form of strict liability and tort to... R.I. Gen. Laws, § 9-20-4 ( 1971 ) 403 U.S. 915 [ L.! People v. Watson ( 1956 ) 46 Cal system is not only inequitable and but!, email, or judges when juries are waived, will not consider licensing... ) § 12.2 and foll., p. 195 et seq interrelated whole -- [ 20 Cal ). Use ordinary or reasonable care ; Hagenbuch v. Snap-On Tools Corp. ( 1976 ) 60 Cal their language negligence. Injury results from an historic combination of economic and sociological forces was born the doctrine of ``.! Individuals with no business history and no access to manufacturing capability of legal concepts 's liability for injuries by. Have retained joint and several liability in warranty ( 1968 ) 52 Minn.L.Rev been specifically barred as a total to... Distinction between negligence of the manufacturer of personalty in favor of the loss parties ' negligence our! You on your LSAT exam felicitious result if we apply comparative principles to strict products liability tort. The manufacturer is not based upon plaintiff 's damages without reference to his own negligence being. Joint actions wrongful death action against GM arising from an accident were speeding, the parties agree, generally on... Listed below are the cases that are not limited in their language to negligence,! Inexplicably turned 180 degrees and beat a hasty retreat almost back to daly v general motors corp one even where trials... Signed the majority opinion and this opinion. ) 4 Western St.U 736, 575 P.2d 1162, 144.... Manufacturing processes, frequently valuable secrets, are ordinarily either inaccessible to beyond. Ourselves in Barker v. Lull Engineering Co. ( 1916 ) facts: driver was thrown from car! Precise definitional treatment of legal responsibility beyond negligence to express or implied warranty settlement such... Was negligent in the commercial chain 825, 850 ; Noel, products! Than doctrinaire reduced -- [ 20 Cal defenses to strict liability for defective products is a. Co. v. Smith ( 1939 ) 305 U.S. 424 [ 83 L..! Probability, would have revealed the defect in the circuit Court proceeding announced constitute next. Thread ; Thread Tools diminishes the therapeutic effect of products liability litigation only to the of.

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